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My name is Kris Bowen, I'm an ordained non-denominational minister and celebrant. I have been working with people just like you for over 12 years. For many years I was a wedding and special event coordinator. It was one of the most special years of my life. But, I have found out that my true calling is helping couples like yourselves to have the best ceremony possible. Your ceremony sets the tone for your wedding day, and even your marriage to each other.

Our goal, our mission statement, is to create with you a ceremony that is as stress free, fun, and as enjoyable as possible. To create the space for you to stand up, look each other in the eye, hold each other’s hands, say you love each other, and kiss! Then you can go on to the rest of the day feeling like rock stars!

Myself and my ministers welcome and honor all faiths, beliefs and traditions. In honoring your religious or non-religious beliefs we can step outside of preconceived notions, and craft that ceremony that speaks of who you are, what you feel for each other, and what you stand for. We custom design ceremonies that blend and embrace different faiths, to give everyone a taste of different philosophies and sometimes even new traditions.

Each couple has a different vision of what they see as their elopement wedding, commitment or even vow renewal ceremonies. There is no bounds to your love, so we excel at working with weddings that are out of the norm, from jumping out of airplanes, standing on rocks in the middle of a frozen river, even themed celebrations. 

Please feel free to explore our website, then contact us for more information on our free consultations!