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Welcome and Congratulations!


My name is Kris Bowen, of Colorado Wedding Ministers, and I would like to personally congratulate you on getting married!

You are about to embark on one of the most important journeys of your life. As a professional  non- denominational wedding officiant, with over a decade of experience, I know just how much this day can mean to not only you, but to your family.

Our goal, our mission statement, is to create with you a ceremony that is as stress free, fun, and enjoyable! To create the space for you to stand up, look each other in the eye, hold each other’s hands, say you love each other, and kiss! Then you can go on to the rest of the day feeling like rock stars!

Our ministers welcome and honor all faiths, beliefs and traditions. In honoring your religious or non-religious beliefs we can step outside of preconceived notions, and craft that ceremony that speaks of who you are, what you feel for each other, and what you stand for. We custom design ceremonies that blend and embrace different faiths, to give everyone a taste of different philosophies and sometimes even new traditions.

Each couple has a different vision of what they see as their elopement wedding, commitment or even vow renewal ceremonies. There is no bounds to your love, so we excel at working with weddings that are out of the norm, from jumping out of airplanes, standing on rocks in the middle of a frozen river, even themed celebrations. 


Please feel free to explore our website, then contact us for more information on our free consultations!

Why do I need an a Minister or Officiant?

Most couples when asked how do you see your wedding or vow renewal as standing up, in front of a tree or maybe in a sacred space. Then somebody says some words and you are done.

But how do you get there? And then what happens next?

That’s all a part of what a professional wedding minister or officiant does for you. Starting from the beginning they take the time to get to know you, in order to create a ceremony that reflects who you are to each other, and what you mean to each other.  These are the words that will create a framework of your marriage, commitment or the renewal of your vows to each other.

If you want a rehearsal, we will walk you through all the necessary steps to get up that aisle, what to do while you are there and get you back down. They get you in place, let you get comfortable with standing there, and go over what to expect during the ceremony.  If you choose not to have a rehearsal, our ministers come early to help you and answer any last minute questions. 

Now is the time the minister/officiant tells the story about you, and tells of your commitment to each other. If you have an additions or inclusions, we are there to help it to go smoothly. Then it’s on to the best part, the KISS!

Last but not least, our ministers fill out your wedding license with you and go over what to expect afterwards.