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 I want to "I Do"!

There are so many different ways of celebrating a wedding, but it all starts off when two people fall in love and choose to spend the rest of their lives together. Even though there are so many ways to celebrate that love, such as renewing the wedding vows that were made years ago, a celebration with 100’s of your best friends and family, a micro wedding with just 20 of those amazing people, or just the two of you. Some couple dream of just dedicating themselves together by having a commitment ceremony. We even offer decorative certificates for commitment ceremonies, because they are just as amazing!

Being a part of a wedding celebration team (that includes you too!) with over 40 years combined we know that a wedding ceremony itself can be one of the most terrifying, stressful and full of anxiety moment for so many people. There are so many reasons why, but maybe it’s just the idea of standing in front people you know (even a some you don’t) and having to say the words that are in your heart. It’s baring your soul to all those watching, and for many this can be utterly terrifying. Everyone wants an amazing wedding day, one that is easy and stress free. So its so important to choose that person to lead your wedding celebration be one that you trust and feel comfortable with. One who “gets you” both, who’s outward personality reflects you, someone with a bit of stage presence and a real unique flair. They will be the one to creating a ceremony that focuses on the event itself, not you. We understand that we are not for everyone, you may not be a good fit for us, but those who have chosen us, have had the best day of their lives!

We know that each and every wedding experience, like each couple, is unique and special. Our wedding ceremonies are personalized and customized, you are extraordinary and distinct individuals, why should you have the same ceremony as everyone else?  Because of that we have a large library of ceremonies, vows, and unity ceremony suggestions.

Yes, our library is password protected in order to help each of our couples have that exclusive ceremony.

Please visit our sample page, or contact us for more information.

When's the best time for a 
What time you should have your wedding ceremony depends on a lot of different factors here in Colorado, such as what month, indoor, outdoor, in a park, in the mountains or even in a back yard in Berthoud. And of course you need to also consider what day it is too…. 
Let’s start with the overall picture as to what month to have your ceremony… Summer here can be really hot and dry, with intense thunderstorms in the afternoons. Fall and Spring can bring truly beautiful weather, gorgeous colors, but blizzards too! Winter in the Mountains is different than in the Denver Metro area, or even in Colorado Springs. Down here in the Denver area, it could be 80 and sunny and the Mountains could be having a severe snowstorm and closed roads.  
To break it down to the days, many couples choose to get married on a Saturday because it offers the most flexibility, you have Sunday to recoup or travel.  However for venues it  is the most expensive day for  your ceremony, parks can have lots of people or but it can parking issues.   Friday is the next most popular day to get married, and it gives you and your guests the chance to take an extra day off, plus a whole weekend! Sundays are also popular, but remember that many guests have to go to work the next day.  
Elopements or Micro Weddings happen quite often on weekdays, or if your special day falls on a weekday that may be the perfect day for you to have the most amazing day of your life! Weekdays (except for Fridays) are usually the most economical wedding days, and many vendors give special incentives for those events.
Now lets go a bit deeper- Am weddings are perfect for Saturdays, but remember to plan enough time to get ready and to location. If you plan an evening or late afternoon wedding you may want to take into account when consider when everyone gets off of work and what traffic may be like.
But really – what time should your wedding ceremony be?
 Friday – 6pm or 6:30pm
Saturday –  10 am to 12pm or  4pm -6pm
Sunday – 12 or no later than 5pm
Weekdays – no later than 5 pm
If you are having a Mountain wedding ceremony in the afternoon or evening with photos, plan to have your ceremony an hour earlier. It gets darker there much sooner up there than down here on the plains.  
Right. So. Standard times for your wedding ceremony? Any time you choose! Simple right? 
What kind of ceremonies do you do?
We love doing all different types of wedding ceremonies!
Some of our favorites are Mountain side elopements, micro weddings, backyard weddings, park weddings, or big weddings in a wedding venue. We love them all! 
We can and have done-
Religious Ceremonies- ones that have several blessings, prayers and mentions God frequently
Spiritual Ceremonies- these don’t have as many blessings/prayers or mentions of God, or God may be substituted for the “Universe”
Wiccan or Pagan Weddings- a different religion and/or faith that has its own special requests
Jewish Weddings- In this instance we use a basic religious ceremony with Jewish traditions included
Do we do blended ceremonies? Yes, we do! 
Some of our more adventurous ceremonies have included- 
Watching our couple parachute to us- And then doing a “Game of Thrones” Wedding
A Viking Wedding- complete with a “Blut”
Standing on a frozen river- the photos were amazing!
Cowboy weddings- In themed locations, and with the couple on horseback.
SteamPunk- Super fun!
Day Glow- everything was neon including the bride! Truly creative!
Pirate Weddings- at the Colorado Renaissance Festival several times
Renaissance/Medieval Weddings- again at the Renaissance festival and in private locations
Do we do Unity Ceremonies? 
Yes, we do! We know all the traditional ones such as Sand or Candle, and ones that are not quite so common, such as Handfasting or Love Letters that make a great impact on your wedding celebration. 
As with all that we do Colorado Wedding Ministers always welcome the chance to do something different so if you have a theme or unity that really calls to you let us know and we can make it happen!