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Ceremony Items for your Day

To make your day as easy, stress free, and affordable as possible we offer several different items for your celebration to borrow. A single ring pillow can cost up to $35 and you only use it once, then put it in a box never to be seen again. If you are traveling from out of state, you shouldn’t have to use up a piece of luggage just for your ceremony items. This is a perfect solution for many couples who don’t want to drag these items back and forth, or spend $100’s of dollars on flowers that will die in a few days.

Bouquets and Boutonnieres

Sunflowers #1
Yellow, Orange and White Sunflowers 
Comes with 1 extra Bouquet and 2 Boutonnieres

Sunflowers #2
Custom bouquet made for a Renaissance Fair Wedding
Yellow, blue and white flowers


Sunflowers #3
A vertical bouquet that can be cradled instead of held.
Yellow, blue and orange accents


Victorian #1
Deep Purple roses with light purple accents and black feathers
Matches the Black Feather Boutonnieres

Victorian #2
Deep Red, with white roses
White ostrich feather accents


White #1 
White and Cream with Bling Accents
Has 2 matching bouquets and 2 matching Boutonnieres


White #2
White with green accents
Comes with extra bouquet 
and 2 boutonnieres


 “Dallas Cowboys”
Custom created for a
“Cowboys” Fan
Navy blue, white, bling accents


Spring #1
Light pink, green and bling accents 


Spring #2
Blush pink, green and tan accents 



Spring #3
Light pink and white flowers



Tan and Cream Colors



Fall #2
Burnt Orange, Tan, Cream Colors



Fall #3
Tan, purple, cream, with burlap accents


Winter #1
Deep purple with lighter purple accents



Winter #2
Deep purple with rosy red and pine cones 



Summer #1
White with red poppies





Boutonniere #1
Custom made for Renaissance Festival
Black and white feathers with pirate skull accent

Baskets ,Ring Pillows and Boxes

Ring Security Box
Has a pillow inside for the rings and comes with sunglasses for the ring bearer to keep.
Comes in a pair if needed


Locking His & Hers Ring Box

Has a burlap pillow inside with places for the rings
Recommended for younger ring bearers or outdoor ceremonies



Small Locking Ring Box



Recommended for younger ring bearers or outdoor ceremonies




Wooden Ring Box
Fits 3 rings and has a fitted top that says-
You will forever be my Always


Ring Pillow #1
White with lace, cream ribbon and bling accents


Ring Pillow #2
White with Satin Rose Accents


Ring Pillow #3
Burlap pillow with white lace accents


Ring Pillow #4
White satin with a bling accent 
Can pair with Flower Basket #1


Here Comes the Bride #1

It's a small wooden box that holds about a half a box of flowers.

Here Comes the Bride #2 

Large wooden heart basket, with metal sides
Perfect for that ‘Rustic’ look 


Flower Basket #1
White satin with bling accent
Can pair with Ring Pillow #  4

Flower Basket #2
White satin with white satin bow accent


Flower Basket #3
White satin with cream bow accent


"Manly" Flower Baskets

For those amazing people who want a less ‘girly’ flower basket
Perfect for lavender throws