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Baskets, Ring Pillows and Boxes
Below is a selection of ring pillows, ring boxes and baskets for that special someone to carry.
We are happy to provide you with flower petals or lavender to throw. 
Just let us know what your thoughts are!

              White Wooden                           " Here Comes The Bride"                   Brown Wooden                               "Here Come the Bride"                          White Satin                                     "Blingy" Small Basket
        Large White Satin Basket                Alternative baskets for those                                who are more out of the box                               Perfect for Lavender Throws      White Satin With Cream Bow
          White Satin                        "Blingy Pillow Matches                     "Blingy" Basket            White Satin and            Lace with Cream Bow                White Satin             With Cream Bow and Roses         Burlap and Lace

                                                      Locking Ring Boxes for Out Door Celebrations 

              His and Her                     Two Become One Box    Inside the Two Become One Box   Basic Locking Ring Box,             also in Red           Inside of the                basic locking ring box
        Ring Security Box                        Inside the Ring Security Box,                                              with take home shades "You will forever be my Always"                    Aspen Box