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Many of our clients opt to elope or have a micro weddings for many reasons. But who says that you can’t have all those cute and touching items?  And what wedding or vow renewal is complete without a bouquet for the bride? Or Brides? For our gentlemen, we have boutonnieres for you, even ones without flowers! Because each couple, ceremony, date, and location are different we have a large selection for you to choose from. But don’t be afraid to ask for a particular type of bouquet or boutonniere! Feel free to explore our selection, from white roses and peonies, to soft peach bouquets, to deep purple roses and black feathers. If you have a themed wedding, we can always chat about making one custom for you, such as the “Dallas Cowboy” bouquet which was used in our wedding at Mile High Stadium. If you would like to keep your bouquet or boutonniere,  just let us know which you would like to keep, and we will quote you a price. 

White #1 with a Maid of Honor Bouquet and 1 Boutonniere

White #2 with Maid of Honor Bouquet and 2 Boutonnieres

White #3 with a Maid of Honor Bouquet and 2 Boutonnieres

       Purple #1            Purple #2           Purple #3
 Sunflower #1 
       Sunflower #2 with Maid of Honor              Bouquet and  2 Boutonnieres

   Sunflower #3


     Pink and White #1     Pink and White #2     Pink and White #3
      Sola Wood #1        Blingy Brooch Bouquet                Sola Wood #2
     Fall Floral #1 Fall Floral #2 with Maid of Honor               Bouquet and 1 Boutonniere    Fall Floral #3
Small White With            Red Poppies Vintage Cream and                 Blush     Vintage Cream with      Burnt Orange and Burlap
       The Dallas Cowboy Feather Boutonniere White and Red Roses      with white ostrich             feathers