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What is really a Day of Coordinator and why would I want or even need one?

You and maybe your family and friends have done all the work, such as picked the venue, hired your photographer, caterers, and even the person who will perform your ceremony. All those big decisions done, but now what? Do you want to manage all those pieces of your day? Manage the venue and staff to make sure that everything is the way that you want? Do you want to oversee the caterer to make sure that they are on time and know the where and when to arrive? Run around and collect all those important people are there for your photos? What about the cake cutting? How do you do it? Do you want to manage the clean up? Your wedding day is a day to enjoy, not one to run around overseeing every little detail, or even having your family member or friend dedicating their entire day to working your wedding. They are there to be a part of your day, not to ‘staff’ it. 
That is where we come in. You may have spent hours of time, probably 100’s and maybe 1,000’s of dollars.  We are the “day of event insurance” who does everything possible to make your day the way that you want it to be.  Having an experienced day of coordinator is that person who works with you to help make all those stresses go away, deals with all those small details, and even those that you may not have considered. It is an unspoken fact that very, very, very rarely does any sort of event happens without a challenge, hiccup or glitch. A wedding celebration has so many moving parts that something is always bound to happen.  From lost relatives, cakes that have been in car accidents, even our Colorado weather that changes from minute to minute. 
Part of your Day of Coordinator duties is creating a timeline, which is that guideline for your day, to help keep everything on track. This is especially helpful when you have a tight time frame at your location, an outdoor location, or even a themed wedding. It also gives all those support people the information on how your day is mapped out, so they know what to do when. 
From managing the details, creating a timeline, another critical duty of your Day of Planner is a to make sure that everyone is where they need to be when its time to be. If sunset photos are a must for you then you need to be in that place with your photographer at that time. If no one knows that that photo is a must have for you, you may miss that opportunity. And of course, your cake, toast or even your first dance cannot happen with out you and all those who are most important to you. Even your DJ who is your Master of Ceremonies, cannot stop what they are doing, go looking for your mom so she can be there for those special moments. 
From the beginning, no matter if its 18 months, 9 weeks, or even 6 days, we are with you, with 20 years’ experience we know what it takes to create a day of fun, relaxation, laughter and maybe even some “happy tears”. If you look at all your wants, needs and details as pieces of a puzzle, we will take all those pieces, and put them together to create a beautiful one-of-a-kind picture-perfect day. 

A Brief Overview of Duties Performed by a Day of Coordinator
 Ceremony duties
Coordinate Rehearsal on location with your officiant
Coordinate Ceremony as needed
 Set up items as needed at the ceremony & pick up when ceremony is done

 Reception duties
 Oversee Setup of Ceremony & Reception 
 Manage & Coordinate Reception 
 Meet and work with your vendors to create your dream day
 Detailed wedding day timelines for vendors and staff
Behind the scenes event management & troubleshooting
Manage timing & assist as needed in Wedding festivities or traditions
Oversee Reception Breakdown & Cleanup 

 Additional duties
Distribution of gratuities to the necessary vendors 
Wedding Day Emergency Kit