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Your photos!

Your photos are one of the most important parts of your wedding and or celebration day, along with your minister or officiant! You can’t have a wedding with out a minister and your wedding photos are the only tangible memories of your day! Memories fade, change or can just be forgotten. We always recommend that if you have a very strict budget, then just have a professional photographer do your ceremony. It’s the reason that you are there! Family members and amateur photographers do your reception. A professional wedding photographer works with your lighting, weather, location using their experience to make it fun, easy, stress less and short so that you can get right to the very best part of your day, THE RECEPTION!


Top 5 questions most asked -


1)      Do I need to feed my photographer?


Yes, if you have a photographer come for your entire day, please don’t forget to feed him or her. Nothing is more distracting when you are taking your photos, than hearing your photographers stomach rumble because they have been taking photos for you since 6am and its now 3pm.  Most photographers can concentrate better on getting you the very best photos when they aren’t hungry.


2)      Can you stay extra?


Remember that they are scheduled for a certain amount of time. So, if you want photos taken before your ceremony and way into the night, and it exceeds your photo time, its okay to ask your photographer to stay extra. But they may charge you extra for it, just like any other vendor when you ask for items outside of your agreement. Don’t expect them to stay an extra hour or two without charge, their time is just as valuable as yours.


3)      Can you…please?


Your photographer is there to capture your day. Yes, they can pin flowers, direct guests, run errands, but each time they do that it creates the possibility that they miss that one of a kind shot. Your photographer does much better catching that photo of your officiant or other special person pinning your flowers, then doing it themselves.


4)      Can my uncle/friend take photos with you?


Most photographers are happy to work with family members or other budding photographers. But your photographer is the one that you are counting and who you paid to get the best shot. Giving them the space to shoot without someone holding a phone or camera right over their shoulder is best. Also jumping right in front of the photographer to take a photo, can make taking photos much more difficult and time consuming.  Its okay to for an unplugged wedding.


5)      How many photos do you take, and do you do Photoshop?


There is always an expectation that each photo your photographer takes is perfect. There are lots of factors that are involved with getting the best photo. Weather, location, and even getting everyone to smile and look at the camera can be difficult. On an average a photographer can take 100’s of photos to only get one that you totally love! Even if you get a photo bomb by a guest, or one of the flower girl’s may be frowny faced it may create a story that will live on for many years after your celebration.




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