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With spring and summer coming up many couples love to enjoy our Colorado sunshine and have their celebrations outside. That’s a wonderful way to celebrate! These can be the very best of weddings because they tend to be more relaxed, fun and memorable. But there are lots of challenges that can come up with using our Colorado Parks or a backyard wedding.


Here are a few suggestions to help plan for any challenges or hiccups that may come up on your day!


Case your space-


How much space does your backyard or park have? Does it have space to place chairs? Just a few chairs? Or is it standing room only? Most of our ceremonies are between 5 to 20 minutes long, so if you have guests that need to sit you might want to bring or rent a few for them.


The future is bright-


Here in the Colorado Rocky Mountains the sun sets early, so plan at least an extra hour early for your ceremony and photos. Or have a (Led) Candle light ceremony under the stars! Also, look to the sun, try to place your ceremony location so that the sun is to your guests backs if possible, or they may be squinting to see you. You will be looking at each other so the sun won’t bother you. Also if the sun is very bright you may want to consider  providing a basket of sunblock or even sunglasses for you and your guests. 



“Singing in the Rain”


Weather changes in Colorado very fast so be prepared for all weather conditions. Many times our officiants have done weddings on days of 100 degree heat, rain, sleet, extreme winds and even blizzards. If there is a chance of rain, or snow, it's ok to ask your guests to bring an umbrella. Many dollar stores even have umbrellas that you can purchase for your guests as a useful wedding favor.


Location, Location, Location!


Let your guests and officiant have a map of your location, or set up a meeting spot for everyone. If your location, time or day changes please let everyone know! Some have the same name for different locations, they may be really hard to find or if you are in the Rocky Mountains many times you will not have cell service! If you have to walk a bit, please let your guests know the best route, and what type of shoes to wear. Its hard to walk up  a mountain trail in 5 inch heels. Many couples use balloons as markers, please don't forget to pick them up as you leave. 


A ‘Pest’y Situation


Some locations may have uninvited guests such as mosquitos, gnats and even flies.Usually the best option is just to bring some bug spray or even some wipes. A small basket filled with bug spray or wipes is a perfect accent. You can also use citronella candles for late night mood lighting. We know it’s not the best of perfumes or colognes, but it’s probably better than scratching bug bites all night!



Park it!


Confirm with your park or other outdoor location if there are parking or entrance fees. If you book a Colorado Park usually they give you’re a few passes for your guests and officiant. Most parks you can pay at a pay station to get a pass, but you will need cash. Many parks also require a permit for your celebration depending on your guest count. Remember also the golden rule of "leave no trace".


A Running Man or Woman


Many couples see a runner as the perfect accessory to walking up to your officiant. However, they are very dangerous as they move, are lumpy and can make you trip! Falling for each other is why you are here, but falling down a mountain top can be painful! A cute pathway can be created by using flower petals, stones, or even plastic flower bunches.

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