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What is a Micro-Wedding?

You may have heard a lot about these things called Micro-Weddings. They are a “newer” style of getting married that is a bit more than an elopement but with all the traditions of a big wedding with out the cost, stress and worry.
Most elopements are just 2-4 people, and sometimes a dog or two. 
Micro-weddings are a bit larger but typically less than 20 guests, in a cool Colorado location, a backyard, or even in your favorite restaurant! 
Many couples choose this option for many reasons-
Health Concerns
Wanting a smaller economic footprint
Something more intimate, less stress, easy and simple 
More quality time with your friends and family
A chance to make and create meaningful touches for the day 
such as special invitations made by you.
With a smaller wedding you have better control over where you spend your money and leave out all those items that don’t have meaning to you and your new spouse.  Having fewer details to manage gives you and your new husband or wife greater freedom to help you have the day of your dreams!
But this doesn’t mean that you have to skip all the fun stuff!
Our micro weddings include-
Location recommendations
An officiant who performs your custom ceremony, 
then helps you sign and files your license.
(Removing one more detail!)
 A mini cake for you, and cupcakes for your guests.
 A champagne/cider toast with take home glasses as a memento of your day.
Photographer for your event
(With all your photos unlocked and with a full release form)
We even have all the necessary ceremony items for you to use at no extra cost
Such as ‘here comes the bride’ signs, flower baskets, ring pillows, bouquets and more!