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What is a Unity Ceremony?

Unity Ceremonies have lots of different meanings to different people. Many times, it’s a beautiful way to symbolize the blending of families and friends. Unity Ceremonies are a great way to add a bit of your personality, beliefs, and philosophies to your ceremony. They are also another tangible take home reminder of your day and what you accomplished. Sometimes they are just for fun like feeding each other Chocolates, drinking wine, or even taking shots!

Below is a list of different types of Unity Ceremonies, but don’t be afraid to try to create your own! Some clients have created ice cream sundaes, Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, fish tanks and even branded logs! We are always happy to work with you on creating a Unity Ceremony that celebrates you, and we also have a few items available for use to make your day easier. If you would like them personalized, we are also able to do so. Just check out our Custom Items Page or contact us for more information.


Unity Ceremony Items 

White decorated broom for jumping or powersweeps

A white decorated broom for “Jumping the Broom"

Truce Bells and Handfasting Cords

We have gold, silver, bronze and crystal bells for you to use for your Truce Bell Unity.

If you would like to do a Handfasting, we have a cream colored cord for you to use and we can also customize a handfasting cord for you in your colors. 
Please check out our Custom Items Page for more information.

Unity Candle Set

Unity Candle Stands and Lantern

With 3 stands and a lantern for outdoor use.

Chocolate Unity Box

Top of 'Love' Chocolate Box                 Side of 'Love' Chocolate Box

Perfect for the Chocolate Unity! Who doesn't love Chocolate?

Cup and Candle

Corpse Bride
Cup and Candle set for doing the Ring, Cup and Candle Unity from Corpse Bride

Wine Ceremony Goblets

Polished Silver Goblets 

 Polished Silver Wine Goblets for the Wine Unity

Love Letter Boxes
Great to use for love letters or with the love letters and wine unity.

      Wooden Love Letter Box                             Side of 'Love' Box  'Love' Love letter box

 Wooden Box with inlaid Gold Bands                             White and Black "Love, Laugh and Live" Box