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The Unity Cross

The Unity Cross is a multi-piece sculpture that is assembled during the Unity Service of your Wedding Ceremony representing how the -Two become One. One person places the outer Cross in the beautiful wood base as the Minister explains how God created two half's of a whole that one is- bold, strong, the defender of the family yet how he/she is empty and incomplete without the other. The other person then places the more delicate cross inside of the cross as the minister explains how God created the other half- delicate, multi-faceted, taking care of all of the little things that completes the other, and the -two become one. The couple then use the 3 golden pegs to lock the union (cross) together in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit as the minister exclaims that: What God has brought together let no man or woman  take apart.

Unity Crosses for purchase

Unity Sand

A symbolic blending of two different-colored sands into a single vessel. The blending of two different beings, into a single, inseparable unit that is their marriage — the joining of their lives. Hard as it would be to separate out those grains of sand, that’s how difficult it is to separate these two people.  Multiple sand vessels can also be combined to include God or children.


Glass beads to be blown into a vase

Different colored candies or "Skittles" are great with children!

Sand and Container options


Unity Candy

This is the same principle as the Sand Ceremony but with different colored candy. A great option for children.

Candy for Candy ceremony


Unity Candle

This act involves three candles, one for each of the couple and the a larger one to symbolize that when lit creates the bright flame of love that shines for the world.

You can have parents, or other persons of honor step up and light the two side candles to show family unity.

Here in Colorado, it can become windy at the very last minute, so many times the candles blow out, or cant be lit at all. So you may have to pretend that the candles are lighted and relight them at a better time.

Unity Candle Supplies

Water Ceremony

The Unity Water ceremony incorporates two small glasses of different colored water and a larger glass into which the smaller glasses are emptied creating a third color.

This is ceremony is very similar in concept to the Unity Sand ceremony.

There are three containers, one empty, and two with colored water, usually yellow and blue. And yes, when blended the water becomes green. Each color has a meaning, yellow for joy and happiness, blue faithfulness and trustworthiness. Green stands for growth, harmony and endurance.​​

Water Ceremony Containers